Isn't it time to make managing
your contingent workforce
smart, fast and easy?

we started with a simple goal

After 20 years spent managing staffing for Silicon Valley startups and watching clients struggle with their contingent workforce as they grew towards and through IPO, we started Evolution I/O Group with a simple goal – to make contingent workforce management Smart, Fast and Easy for growing technology companies. To this end we developed Easy I/O™, a software platform designed alleviate the most common contingent workforce challenges facing companies like yours, and to provide the foundation for a scalable, nationwide solution that helps you grow more efficiently and effectively while reducing risk, removing friction and restoring harmony between hiring managers, Human Resources and Finance. Contact us today to learn more.

The Easy I/O™ Platform

Designed to Remove Friction, Reduce Risk and Restore Harmony within your company, Easy I/O™ is the Smartest, Fastest and Easiest way to payroll and manage your contingent workforce.

Contractor Payrolling

On-demand contractor payrolling for companies that source many of their contingent workers directly. You can be up and running in as little as 24 hours and your hiring managers will love you for it.

Staff Augmentation

Contract and Contract-to-Hire Staff Augmentation are ideal solutions for filling temporary gaps in your core teams, staffing one-off projects, or engaging potential employees in a risk-free manner.

Staffing Director300+ Employee Cloud Software Startup
I brought EIO in as our payrolling solution for contractors over a year ago and they have been great to work with. The best part of their service for me is the ease of use, my involvement is literally pointing managers to the Easy I/O portal and that's it.
Vice President, Human Resources3000+ Employee Networking Manufacturer
Evolution I/O Group has managed our contingent workforce for several years and we have successfully payrolled hundreds of workers through them. Our managers find their software easy to use, and their support and customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them.
Software Engineering Manager3000+ Employee Networking Manufacturer
I have payrolled over a dozen contractors through EIO and cannot recommend them enough. The Easy I/O software is easy to use and their notifications and support help me keep on top of things.
Marketing Director150+ Employee Marketing Technology Startup
I have used Easy I/O to payroll marketing contractors for customer campaigns and would definitely do so again. Their support during the entire process was excellent and their software is super easy to use.
Director, Talent Acquisition3000+ Employee Networking Manufacturer
Evolution I/O Group has been an invaluable resource for me. Our hiring managers find the Easy I/O software to be incredibly easy to use and I appreciate the policy communication and enforcement it provides.
Graduate StudentUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
I worked through EIO Group during my summer internship last year and their support and assistance during the CPT process was excellent.
Recruiting Manager500+ Employee Networking Manufacturer
I have worked with Evolution I/O Group as a Recruiting Manager responsible for contingent workers, as well as a hiring manager bringing contractors onto my team, and I have nothing but good things to say.
Inside Sales Representative300+ Employee Cloud Software Startup
I converted to an employee after a six month contract as an inside sales rep through EIO Group and couldn't be happier. They were great to work with and my conversion to a full-time employee was easy.
Network Engineer500+ Employee Networking Manufacturer
I spent nearly a year working through Evolution I/O Group before being converted to a regular employee. They were great to work with and ensured a smooth transition at the end of my project.
Vice President, Human Resources500+ Employee Networking Manufacturer
We have relied upon Easy I/O Payrolling for several years now without a hitch. My talent team loves the fact our hiring managers no longer need hand-holding when onboarding contractors and I love the visibility and support they provide us.
Accounts Payable Contractor
I have completed two six month projects through EIO Group and would welcome the opportunity to do so again.

Easy I/O™ Contractor Payrolling

Easy I/O™ Payrolling is a scalable, nationwide contractor payrolling solution for Silicon Valley technology companies. Once your company has been onboarded as a customer, you simply refer hiring managers with payrolling needs to the Easy I/O™ portal and we take it from there. Evolution I/O Group will act as the employer of record for your contingent workers and assume all employer liabilities, including worker classification, time and expense tracking, workers compensation, unemployment, insurance, benefits, taxes, reporting and all administration and support during the course of their assignment.

Getting started is a breeze. You can be up and running in as little as 24 hours and new user sign-ups take just a few minutes. In fact, our software is so easy most users require little to no training or support after making their first on-boarding request. Perhaps best of all, our services are entirely on-demand. There are no minimum volume requirements, no fixed monthly costs and no per user fees, you just pay as you go.

Contact us today to learn more about Easy I/O™ Payrolling, the Smartest, Fastest and Easiest way to manage your contingent workforce.

Staff Augmentation

Contract and Contract-to-Hire Staff Augmentation are ideal solutions for filling gaps in core teams, staffing closed-ended projects, or engaging potential employees in a risk-free manner. To request staff augmentation assistance your hiring managers submit contractor sourcing requests through the Easy I/O™ portal, just like they do with payrolling requests. Once received, our team confirms the spec and secures approval from HR and Finance before sourcing and screening candidates carefully against the requirements. Only the closest matches are presented for review and interviews, and once a finalist is selected we work with the hiring manager to on-board and administer the worker throughout the duration of their assignment.

We provide contract and contract-to-hire candidate search and placement services across the following functions:

Engineering / R&D
Test / QA
Technical Publications
IT / Operations
Product Management
Program Management

All full-time Evolution I/O Group employees are eligible to participate in our ACA compliant benefits program, including medical, dental, vision, 401k, disability and Section 125 plan.



About Us

Our leadership team offers over 100 years of Silicon Valley staffing experience and we partner with founders, senior management and key staffing decision makers to tailor right-sized solutions that scale with demand.

Through our experience managing large staffing projects for clients we realized that the contractor payrolling and contingent workforce management solutions offered by the large national firms were ill-suited to the needs of our nimble, fast-growing clients. We knew we could do better, and we started Evolution I/O Group to prove it.

Over the last several years we have worked closely with a handful of clients to design, tune and perfect our Easy I/O™ software platform, and after successfully payrolling hundreds of workers on their behalf, we are ready to make it available to companies throughout Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us today to learn more.

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